haircut Boulder by Bekah
Haircut Boulder by Bekah

How should I get my haircut Boulder?  If you have a hairstylist, it is as easy as calling your Boulder hair salon.  You know how much you will spend, how it will look.  Is your hair stylist still pleasing you?  If not, you can suddenly find yourself without a hairstylist.

If you don’t have a hairstylist you can try a lot of different things,  such as searching for “haircut Boulder” on Google or asking your friends where they get their hair cut.

How else can you look for a haircut here in Boulder?  Even the online Yellowpages are still used.  How about seeing where your Facebook friends get their hair cut?  Or maybe Instagram.  Let’s not forget about Pinterest.  

Online reviews are another way to see if you might want to try a salon.  So many sites offer reviews nowadays.  Google and Facebook are a great source.  They require reviewers to be real people using real names.  People are more honest and respectful when their identity is known.

Anonymous review sites, such as Yelp, need to be taken with a grain of salt.  No one knows who you are.  Sometime people are more negative if they think they’re anonymous.  There have been cases of businesses paying for good reviews for themselves and bad reviews for their competitors.  Ex-employees also can leave bad reviews.  These can hinder your search for a haircut boulder since they don’t reflect the true nature of a Boulder hair salon.

The best way to find your haircut boulder is probably a combination of all of these.  Ask your friends where they get their hair cut.  Check out the online reviews for several salons.  Look at the Boulder hair salon’s Instagram page to see if you like their style.  Then call (or book online) with your favorite hair salon!