Haircut Boulder and How to Find a Hair Salon

haircut Boulder by Bekah
Haircut Boulder by Bekah

How should I get my haircut Boulder?  If you have a hairstylist, it is as easy as calling your Boulder hair salon.  You know how much you will spend, how it will look.  Is your hair stylist still pleasing you?  If not, you can suddenly find yourself without a hairstylist.

If you don’t have a hairstylist you can try a lot of different things,  such as searching for “haircut Boulder” on Google or asking your friends where they get their hair cut.

How else can you look for a haircut here in Boulder?  Even the online Yellowpages are still used.  How about seeing where your Facebook friends get their hair cut?  Or maybe Instagram.  Let’s not forget about Pinterest.  

Online reviews are another way to see if you might want to try a salon.  So many sites offer reviews nowadays.  Google and Facebook are a great source.  They require reviewers to be real people using real names.  People are more honest and respectful when their identity is known.

Anonymous review sites, such as Yelp, need to be taken with a grain of salt.  No one knows who you are.  Sometime people are more negative if they think they’re anonymous.  There have been cases of businesses paying for good reviews for themselves and bad reviews for their competitors.  Ex-employees also can leave bad reviews.  These can hinder your search for a haircut boulder since they don’t reflect the true nature of a Boulder hair salon.

The best way to find your haircut boulder is probably a combination of all of these.  Ask your friends where they get their hair cut.  Check out the online reviews for several salons.  Look at the Boulder hair salon’s Instagram page to see if you like their style.  Then call (or book online) with your favorite hair salon!

Ombre and Balayage in our Boulder Hair Salon

By Amanda.  What is the difference between ombre and balayage? This is a question that we get in our Boulder hair salon often.  You can see how we describe them in our women’s service page.  Would you be surprised if I told you that there wasn’t always necessarily a difference between the two and quite often we create the look of ombre using a balayage technique? I just gave you a hint there about what the difference between the two are. Let me go into a little more detail to clear things up.

Both the word ombre and the word balayage derive from french words. Ombre meaning shaded and balayage meaning to paint or sweep. When referring to hair color the word ombre is often used to describe the transition of color from light to dark or from dark to light. When we use the term balayage in reference to hair color typically we are talking about hand painting or free painting the hair, not necessarily done in the traditional “stripy” way but in a softer, freer way. Ombre is used more to describe a look whereas balayage is used to describe a technique. Now it should make more sense why we can use both words to describe the same head of hair.

Often in the salon when we are told by clients that they want balayage and not an ombre, they are usually looking for a soft and blended looking ombre. In order to ensure good client-stylist communication we love to use visuals. We use our i-pad to help ensure you and your stylist are on the same page.

Being the Best Hair Salon in Boulder

By David

What does Best mean? “Of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type of quality”.   Here are some synonyms: finest, greatest, top, leading, preeminent supreme, unsurpassed, peerless, matchless.

At our Boulder hair salon, we strive for all those things.   After 10 years in North Boulder, (and 28 years in business), we think we know what is takes to be the best. Our approach is consistency, friendliness, and technical excellence.

We know that we provide the best haircuts, the best hair color, and we hope our clients think we’re the best, but how to prove it?

We prove it every day by doing the best (there’s that word again) hair we can possible do. Our clients are kind enough to tell their friends how good we are.

But how can we tell everybody that we are the best in town?

There are surveys conducted by local daily and weekly newspapers. During March 2017, the Boulder Weekly Best of Boulder Survey is available. Your vote only counts if you make at least 25 “best of” selections. Our clients can take the survey and write us in under “Hair Salons” and “Barber Shops”.

The survey methodology means that the salons that promote voting and have more clients will have a better chance of winning.   How can potential clients determine the quality of salons that are not listed in the surveys?

There are two ways to research hair salons: online reviews and social media. Online reviews from Google and Facebook are not anonymous and are therefore more reliable than the anonymous reviews from Yelp.   Instead of using reviewers real names to ensure legitimacy, Yelp relies on a secret filtering app to hide what they consider “not recommended” reviews.

Among all the social media outlets, Instagram and Pinterest seem to work best when you are searching for that “Best Salon”

The internet has changed many things about our lives, including how we find a new hair salon in Boulder.

The Art of a Boulder Haircut (Men’s Edition)

Before and after for Alex at our Boulder hair salon
Before and after for Alex at our Boulder hair salon.

By Liz.
Occasionally we are asked, “How much for a quick trim?” It can be a hard question to answer. We aren’t slow but we’re not quick either. Depending on which of our Boulder hairstylists you see, we book out 30-45 minutes for our men’s haircuts. Our habits of paying attention to the finer details make it impossible to do it quickly. Even clipper cuts are detailed and intentionally blended to suit that particular haircut and client.
As a 30+ year hairstylist, I see the main difference in a cheap haircut and a pricier one being the sectioning. Quick cuts are done by taking big sections of hair at once and cutting it. At our Boulder hair salon we are trained to take smaller, more controllable sections of hair. It give us a sense of that particular head of hair. We have time to process the finer details, where there are there cowlicks we need to watch for, focusing on our side length to top length ratio, de-scruffing sideburns but still leave them looking fine. We may texturize your hair to help control volume. (which is a fancy way of saying lay down.)
Cheaper places want their stylists to do 3 to 4 haircuts a hour! That’s why they are cheap.
It also creates stylist burn out. Our Boulder hair stylists work in their chosen career and choose how much time they get for a men’s haircut. We really love and appreciate our guys. To keep you coming back we make sure you’re feeling great about your haircut before you leave. Do you need a little more of the top? Great!, we have the time. We rinse those loose hairs out after the cut so you can on get on with your day with minimal itching.
At our hair salon we think you will notice these details in your boulder haircut by liking the way it works for you and how you style it. A great haircut should require minimal work to make it look they way you want it to. We even think a great haircut can last a few weeks longer, making the effective cost of the haircut go down.
So can we do a quick trim? No, because our good habits are too well ingrained.

How to Get the Most From Your Service

Another Happy Client
Another Happy Client

By Sarah.

One of the most gratifying feelings as a hairdresser is knowing your client is leaving the salon feeling great about his or her hair.  It’s exactly the experience we want to create for our guests.  My experience, and that of my coworkers, is that the best way to achieve the highest degree of client satisfaction is to collaborate with our clients on designing and executing the perfect look for each individual.  With that in mind, here are some things you as a client can do to facilitate the best possible result of your Boulder hair salon visit.

Arrive on time for your appointment, if not a little early.  

On a busy day in the salon, stylists have back to back appointments.  We always schedule plenty of time for our clients, but when our guest is running late, their time in the chair is shorter.  While we understand completely that sometimes life just gets in the way of being on time, we appreciate so much when our guests arrive as scheduled.  It allows us to focus completely, and insures that we have plenty of time to consult with our clients, as well as time to add a little extra service like a brow wax or a few highlights that we may not have had scheduled.

Don’t be afraid to let us know your preferences and ideas.

While I always have ideas for my clients, I fully recognize that you know your hair, your lifestyle, and your preferences.  So if a cut that’s too short to pull back when you go for your daily run will drive you crazy, tell me!  I won’t be offended at all. Similarly, if you find layers never work for you, or you dislike red undertones in your color, let me know!  The more information I have, the better I can gauge your preferences.  Remember, I want you to love your hair.
Relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes a visit to the salon can provoke stress, especially if it’s a client’s first time in our Boulder hair salon.  We’re here to work with you.  We’re here to work for you.  We’re here to listen to you.  And most importantly, we’re glad you’re here!