Chicago Hair Salon Boulder, Colorado

    Ask any salon owner what their biggset challenge is and I would bet money (I don’t gamble normally) they would say staffing. You may ask what about staffing is hard? Well, everything. Everything from getting good candidates to apply, to ensuring they are properly trained, and even ensuring they are open and nice to […]

Dreaming of a Salon

Dream Big

  My first day in Boulder was not my best. I had left my family and job in a salon behind less than 24 hours ago aft. They waved goodbye to me in the rear view mirror as pulled out of that Chicago alley at midnight. It was Labor Day weekend 1984. I arrived at […]

Booking Online

Has Online Booking Changed the World?

Our Boulder Hair Salon has been open long enough to witness an appointment taking revolution from paper to computer to online booking. In 1989, the only way to make an appointment was to either walk in or call the salon on a landline.  We would write the information in a paper appointment book, along with […]

Friendly Receptionist

Our Boulder Hair Salon’s New Hours

We recently decided to change our salon’s hours. We have had the same hours since 1994. (We were open Sundays from April 1989 to January 1994). Our new hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 7, Friday and Saturday 9 to 4. Salons are all about providing the best customer service. A full […]

Shiny haircut

Silicone in Your Hair Care Products

“Silicone is a mineral. It is an effective ingredient commonly used in hair care products. It provides slip and shine, can help smooth and straighten hair and gives hair a luxurious, conditioned feel.” —Bridget Brager, Celebrity & Editorial Hairstylist “Silicones are a large class of materials—not one item. They can usually be recognized by names […]

Two New Bumble Products

Why You Should Buy Your Hair care Products at the Salon

When you visit us at Chicago Hair Salon, we use top quality products on your hair.  Our clients can choose to take home something we recommend for them, or not.  We genuinely want you to use shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that truly meet your needs.  And while we understand that there are many options […]