Before and after for Alex at our Boulder hair salon
Before and after for Alex at our Boulder hair salon.

By Liz.
Occasionally we are asked, “How much for a quick trim?” It can be a hard question to answer. We aren’t slow but we’re not quick either. Depending on which of our Boulder hairstylists you see, we book out 30-45 minutes for our men’s haircuts. Our habits of paying attention to the finer details make it impossible to do it quickly. Even clipper cuts are detailed and intentionally blended to suit that particular haircut and client.
As a 30+ year hairstylist, I see the main difference in a cheap haircut and a pricier one being the sectioning. Quick cuts are done by taking big sections of hair at once and cutting it. At our Boulder hair salon we are trained to take smaller, more controllable sections of hair. It give us a sense of that particular head of hair. We have time to process the finer details, where there are there cowlicks we need to watch for, focusing on our side length to top length ratio, de-scruffing sideburns but still leave them looking fine. We may texturize your hair to help control volume. (which is a fancy way of saying lay down.)
Cheaper places want their stylists to do 3 to 4 haircuts a hour! That’s why they are cheap.
It also creates stylist burn out. Our Boulder hair stylists work in their chosen career and choose how much time they get for a men’s haircut. We really love and appreciate our guys. To keep you coming back we make sure you’re feeling great about your haircut before you leave. Do you need a little more of the top? Great!, we have the time. We rinse those loose hairs out after the cut so you can on get on with your day with minimal itching.
At our hair salon we think you will notice these details in your boulder haircut by liking the way it works for you and how you style it. A great haircut should require minimal work to make it look they way you want it to. We even think a great haircut can last a few weeks longer, making the effective cost of the haircut go down.
So can we do a quick trim? No, because our good habits are too well ingrained.